Linda Gason

My road to becoming a counsellor began in 2015, when I embarked on a 2yr diploma course in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy. This journey continued culminating in a First Class Honours BA in Integrative Counselling and Psychotherapy in Dublin. However, my passion for people began long before my role as a professional counsellor. Over the last 23 years, I have lead and developed mentoring programmes. I have bwen involved in youth work and leadership training and development work overseas. I have experience working with both adolescents and adults using a variety of approaches in individual and group therapy sessions.

My therapeutic approach would be Modern Person- Centred therapy within a pluralistic framework. I have found the advatange of operating from a pluralistic framework has been the ability to work in a collaborative way with each client enabling their voice to be heard.

I am passionate about helping people and journeying with them through the counselling process.

Alex Gason

I have 20 years experience working in industry and development, with 10 years full time experience as a youth worker. More recently I have worked for an international development organisation designing programmes and solutions for Sub Saharan Africa.

My counselling journey began in 2015 and I established my own private practice in 2017. During this time I have enjoyed a wide variety of therapeutic experience with various clients.

My therapeutic approach is modern person centred, using an integrative model, leaning into various modalities.

I am passionate about helping people discover where they are in their journey and helping them determine clear goals. The joy of therapy is the reciprocal alliance that is formed in the counselling room, through a collaborative approach.


Linda and Alex Gason are qualified counsellors/ psychotherapists. They follow the Code of Ethics as set down by the I.A.C.P., promoting professional, ethnical, and best- practice at all times. They maintain an accredited membership with the I.A.C.P. by meeting the criteria of Continuing Professional Development, along with regular Supervision and Professional Indemnity Insurance.

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