What Can I expect?

You can expect a warm, private, non- judgemental and safe space, where you will be encouraged, empowered, seen and heard.

Do you offer online or phone sessions?

Yes, we do offer online services. We understand that these are unusual times. Therefore, we cater to the needs of the client, who may not be able to attend counselling in person.

How long do I expect to have to continue counselling?

The duration of the therapy will vary and depend on the need and preference of the individual.

How many sessions will I need?

Typically, clients agree to work together for about 6 sessions and then review whether to continue.

How long does a session last?

50 minutes

How much does the session cost?

Individual counselling 70 Euro
Couples counselling 95 Euro

Is counselling confidential?

Generally speaking, yes, it is. Being bound by the Irish Association for counselling & Psychotherapy’s (IACP) code of Ethics & Practice under article 1.2.4. Breaking confidentiality only where required by law, or where there are grounds for believing that clients will cause physical harm to themselves or others. Where feasible, practitioners shall endeavour to obtain the client’s consent.